About Us


       ►(Onyx) Iran is No.1 for onyx export blocks (in quality and quantity)

       ►(Iravertine) Iran is one of top 2 sources to supply Travertine blocks. Iranian Travertines are famous for color variation type (yellow, red, silver, beige, white, super white) and of course Hardness.

       ►(Marble) Iran is one of top 3 in marble blocks source.



we established on 2009 November as a Chinese registered representative of Iran Royal Stone - since 1991- in the most famoust city in China for stone industry, Nan'an city, Shuiou town.

The main objective of establishment was following two reasons:

A. Being more close to factories production hall to supervise the project's order for cut to size stone.

B. Supply Iranian Marble, Travertine, Onyx blocks to Chinese factories.

Being more close to customer, more convenient for solve business conflicts.


After two years successful cooperation  experience with some Chinese stone factories, the representative office developed to a joint venture company with Chinese partner.

The main aim for joint venture is to supply cut to size stone for building projects in China 


Began to invest on Chrome ore and Iron ore mine in Iran. One chrome and one iron mine now is under exploitation, another two iron registered doing excavation.

with above background we hope establish long term win-win cooperation with factories , projects, companies to supply: 

Stone raw blocks from Iran (marble, onyx, travertine).

> Cut to size stone for projects and whole sellers.

> Iron ore 10000 tons/ month + chrome ore 400 tons / month